Al Hirt – The Happy Trumpet (1966/2016)

Al Hirt - The Happy Trumpet (1966/2016)
Artist: Al Hirt
Album: The Happy Trumpet
Label: RCA – Legacy
Year Of Release: 1966/2016
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. The Fox (01:55)
02. Syncopated Clock (02:46)
03. Mardi Gras (02:38)
04. Pitty Pat (01:48)
05. What the World Needs Now Is Love (02:24)
06. Skokiaan (02:14)
07. Twentieth Century Drawing Room (02:03)
08. Candy Man Jones (01:52)
09. Pussy Cat (02:47)
10. Bad Man (02:31)
11. Little Gold Ring (01:53)
12. The Happy Trumpet (02:24)


The Dixieland albums he made before he found his true home at RCA Victor are collectors’ items admired as classics of their genre, but it’s the RCA Victor albums that get worn out from constant replays.

This album is a prime example of the direction Al’s work has taken recently and why his success is still growing. It’s called The Happy Trumpet, and that is precisely what Al plays. It’s a happy horn, unfettered by the restrictions of two beat. This is warm, liquid pop music played at a good brisk dance tempo by the man who rewrote the book on trumpet technique.

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