Andreas Feith & Markus Harm – What’s New (2021)

Andreas Feith & Markus Harm - What's New (2021)
Artist: Andreas Feith & Markus Harm
Album: What’s New
Label: Galileo Music Communication
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01 – Lazy Daisy
02 – Everybody’s Song but My Own
03 – What’s New
04 – For Hilde
05 – The Lake of Galven
06 – What Is This Thing Called Love
07 – Surviving Flower
08 – Dienda
09 – All the Things You Are
10 – Soul Eyes


Reduced to the pure sound of their instruments, pianist Andreas Feith and saxophonist Markus Harm investigate the question “What’s New” on their album of the same name. We listen to the conversation of two experts who, while interpreting standards and their own compositions in the style of modern jazz, obviously not only have a good “time” in the musical sense, but also a good time in the figurative sense. In addition to their wealth of ideas, their technical brilliance, their dexterity and lung skills as well as their characteristic expression in play, the duo has another important ability: self-reflection. It gives them sensitive antennae and open ears. So they tell stories, create poetry, at the very highest level. And a timelessly beautiful, touching work of two companions and friends in a respectful dialogue.

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