Dan Dechellis – Breathe In (2021)

Dan Dechellis - Breathe In (2021)
Artist: Dan Dechellis
Album: Breathe In
Label: Deko Entertainment
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Breathe In
02. Chatterbox
03. Sarcasting
04. Social Resistance
05. Blues for Frank
06. The Bishop
07. Total Notes Is
08. Ten Year Lifetimes
09. Turn Your Head
10. Zoom
11. A Grateful Dance (For Harold Budd)
12. On a Walkabout
13. I Wonder if People are Smiling
14. Maine
15. For Effect
16. Spare Me
17. Other Surfaces
18. My Favorite Place


Dan DeChellis is a pianist with wide interests and experiences in music. Trained formally in classical piano, raised on rock’n’roll and maturing in the world of free improvisation, ambient music and jazz, he enjoys and welcomes it all. He is a teacher, father, performer, composer who embraces new sounds and experiences.

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