Dune – Voyage au creux d’un arbre (2021)

Dune - Voyage au creux d'un arbre (2021)
Artist: Dune
Album: Voyage au creux d’un arbre
Label: Neuklang
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Voyage au creux d’un arbre (8:49)
02. Agitation (2:56)
03. Pointe de la courte dune (5:22)
04. Marche, la nuit (9:56)
05. Mirage (1:37)
06. Sensible zone (5:06)
07. La méditation des bienheureuses (7:36)


Complicity and affinity – this is how one could describe the artistic relation between drummer Rafaël Koerner and flautist Fanny Ménégoz.

The duo Dune was formed in 2017. After a concert tour and the release of an EP published in 2019, the two musicians decided to record their first album at Bauer Studios under the attentive ear of sound engineer Philipp Heck.

In this first album, the duo intensifies their guideline: playing with their two rarely associated instruments, the drums and the flute. Seeking simplicity rather than artifice, with sincerity and playfulness, they return to the sources of music: the rhythm, the melody, the communication, the improvisation.

With a characteristic sound, Dune unveils a repertoire of multi-faceted personal compositions as well as a cover version by French pianist Benoit Delbecq. Dreamy melodic lines, balanced rhythmic movements, dense or pure improvisations, interactions and risk-taking are the key words of this very special duo.

Voyage au creux d’un arbre is inspired by maloya, which is traditional music from Reunion Island, particularly with regard to the rhythmic and organic changes of speed that occur several times in the piece. Its title evokes a journey to the bowels of a tree, like a change of point of view; it is the change from the position of a human being who rubs shoulders with these plants on a daily basis to that of the tree itself, which watches with its calm eye the humans evolving around it.

La méditation des bienheureuses is a piece written by Fanny Ménégoz for alto flute and drums, in homage to Yoram Rosilio and his repertoire combining traditional Moroccan music and free-jazz.

In these two pieces the drums are used for their melodic aspect. It is written in counterpoint to the flute, and its multiple frequencies which are usually often “absorbed” by other instruments, are deployed here.

Sensible zone is like a moving song, inspired by the interactions and the perpetual movements that occur in cosmopolitan cities and districts. “A place where there are a lot of sensibilities and beautiful energies on a daily basis, whereas we hear too often about ‘sensitive areas’ or ‘problem areas’ “.

Marche, la nuit is a piece in the form of a narrative. It is made up of melodies, rhythms and nuances inspired by walks and wanderings at night in Paris, where our own emotional states as well as those of others can be transformed as we go along.

Petite agitation is a kind of musical fight, a joyous and absurd, short and intense joust.

For this first album, Dune offers deep and playful music, with a primitive and sophisticated sound.

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