Ebren Trio – Yıldız Tozları (2020)

Ebren Trio - Yıldız Tozları (2020)
Artist: Ebren Trio
Album: Yıldız Tozları
Label: Z Kalan
Year Of Release: 2020
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Bir Varmış Bir Yokmuş
02. Uruk
03. Bulut
04. Hatırla
05. Çöl Rüzgarı
06. Yıldız Tozları
07. Eski
08. Hoşçakal
09. Rüya


The friendships of the trio that started in school years and their experience of playing together formed the nature of Ebren Trio music over time. They used traditional makam music in free forms, thus a brand new harmony evolved from familiar timbre. This evolution also revealed the name of the group: In ancient Turkish mythology, it was thought that dragons, the god of time, were turning the world. For this reason, the words “universe” or “ebren”, which means “rotating, turning, evolving”, are used for dragons. Everything that exists and is imagined according to this legend is Ebren, a dragon. Just like the universe, Ebren evolves and transforms. Trio’s music is also transforming, and at the same time he is inspired by this state of transformation. The music of the flying dragons that is heard and disappear by drawing an infinity mark in the middle of the absence feeds the spirit of Ebren Trio’s first album.

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