Erik West Millette – West Trainz (2021)

Erik West Millette - West Trainz (2021)
Artist: Erik West Millette
Album: West Trainz
Label: L-A be
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

CD 1:
01. West Trainz (Welcome Aboard)
02. Trans-Canadian Express
03. New-York Central Station
04. New-York Night Trainz
05. Union Station Mood
06. Chicago Jump Trainz
07. Louisiana Sunset Limited
08. Biloxi Mood
09. New Orleans Funk Trainz
10. Mexico Al Pacifico
11. Cuban Cigar Trainz
12. Trem Da Amazonia

CD 2:
01. Trans Sahara Express
02. Istanbul Station
03. Orient express
04. London Eurostar
05. TGV North Express
06. German Ice Trainz
07. Trans Andalucia express
08. Scandinavian Train
09. Yarolavsky Station
10. Trans Siberian Express
11. Trans Mongolia
12. Trans Manchuria Express
13. Japan Shinkazen
14. Australian Indian Pacific
15. Leo West lullaby


West Trainz is the fruition of roughly 20 years of travel, exploration and formal work. Above all, it is meant as a tribute to the major transcontinental express trains. Over the years, his pieces have drawn from the train’s “trance-like” effect, blending 24 instrumental compositions of concrete railway music. The book is his traveller’s journal about his travelling days.

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