Faraj Suleiman – London Jazz Festival 2019 (2020)

Faraj Suleiman - London Jazz Festival 2019 (2020)
Artist: Faraj Suleiman
Album: London Jazz Festival 2019
Year Of Release: 2020
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Eleven and Twelve (Live)
02. Love, Once Upon a City (Live)
03. Beneath the Walnut Tree (Live)
04. First Night (Live)
05. Arabic Impro (Live)
06. Naughty Boy (Live)
07. First Night (Encore) [Live]


Faraj Suleiman – Piano
Habib Hanna – oud
Pierre Millet – Trumpet
Côme Aguiar – Guitar Bass
Baptiste de chabaneix – Drums

Faraj Suleiman (1984) is a Palestinian a composer and pianist. His music is strongly influenced by Arabic/Eastern melodies and rhythms. He often incorporates those scales and modalities in his compositions. In addition to being inspired by his Arabic culture, he is also influenced by Jazz traditions.

As an Arab musician/pianist trained in classical music, he constantly searches for new forms of expression to equally appeal to his “Eastern” and “Western” listeners. To date, Suleiman composed several albums which have placed the “Eastern” piano in the centre of the composition, ranging from solo piano compositions to quartets, quintets, arrangements for choir and full orchestras.

He released a number of albums and musical projects such as : “Login”, “Three Steps”, “Mud”, “Opening of the Palestinian Museum”, “Al-Bashiq”, “Love in the Cloud”, “Once Upon a City”, “Love Without a Story”, “Toy Box” and lately his first songs album “Second Verse”. He also composed music for theatre and film.

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