Florian Hartz – Wald: Live (2021)

Florian Hartz - Wald: Live (2021)
Artist: Florian Hartz
Album: Wald: Live
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Sommerregen (Live)
02. The Honour of Being Lonely (Live)
03. Close Her Eyes (Live)
04. Outing (Live)
05. Wild Horses (Live)
06. Freiraum (Live)
07. Ants (Live)
08. Wird Es Halten (Live)
09. Bill (Live)


Out into nature, out into the forest – a musical homage to open spaces.
Music, conception, wording and imagery are reminiscent of Northern Europe – Scandinavia and the Baltic States – Florian Hartz and his colleagues suggest experiences on their new album that are longingly defined, especially in a young life. It is the longing for something fresh – pure and original, idyllic and living space.

The desire to return to the Garden of Eden, or some kind of Arcadian life, remains as a kind of place of longing in some of us looking for alternatives. The search for a lost innocence, for freedom, carefree, a casual childhood and being one with nature or, more precisely, with something natural, is opposed to the age of the metropolitan pandemonium, work overload, digital oversaturation and daily stress.

Florian Hartz Flo Fauna COVER The trio around bassist Florian Hartz finds a deeply aesthetic musical interpretation of the above-mentioned collection of terms on the album. In the imagination, these are images and thoughts, interpretations and feelings.

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