Godemann Bauder Duo – Beautiful Mind (2021)

Godemann Bauder Duo - Beautiful Mind (2021)
Artist: Godemann Bauder Duo
Album: Beautiful Mind
Label: STF-Records
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Beautiful Mind
02. Hope
03. Blue Boss
04. Fall to sleep
05. Kebob
06. Entelecheia
07. Follow your Heart
08. Blue in Green


“Beautiful Mind” – yes, beauty and thoughts, beauty in thoughts, aesthetics and people who can think (very) beautifully. We need that – to be turned towards life, to want to approach the beautiful and the good, to circle around it, hermeneutically and also in the conflict of thoughts, the free ones, to approach one another.

With the means of music, Massoud Godemann (guitar) and Gerd Bauder (double bass) proffer their idea of ​​beautiful mind. The album should also be understood as a cure for the battered spirit of the time. “Beautiful Mind” is now, it was created today, it is not an escape, but something completely different: a memory – of our ability to open up and to hear one another.

On “Beautifiul Mind” Godemann and Bauder continue their long-standing dialogue and develop it further and further. Elegant, artful, playful, but also with a certain ruthlessness, the two exchange ideas, tell each other stories and secrets, look at the world, at their instruments, at themselves and bring the togetherness to shine. And because that’s not a pose, but jazz, the whole thing is completely lacking in the kitschy; Beauty can and is allowed to develop and everyone is invited to participate.

On “Beautiful Mind” there are no claims, no screaming, no diffusion, but some clear thoughts that want to show themselves. This music reminds us that it is nice to listen to each other, that it is nice to be curious, that it is nice to be together.

After three albums with the Massoud Godemann Trio and a first duo album in 2014, Gerd Bauder and Massoud Godemann play and think deeper and deeper into the subject, into the material and their vision of jazz. Committed to the pulse of jazz history, following the progress of any progressive music and reflecting their own experience of the present world, the jazz duo on “Beautiful Mind” presents seven original compositions and, seamlessly, a standard interpretation.

Acoustic expanse, swinging straight ahead passages, dream-like moments and yes, entertaining feel-good sounds are presented – always framed and interlocked by the spontaneity and improvisational responsiveness inherent in jazz. Jazz in the here and now.

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