Hieronymus Dros – The Age of Hieronymus (2020)

Hieronymus Dros - The Age of Hieronymus (2020)
Artist: Hieronymus Dros
Album: The Age of Hieronymus
Year Of Release: 2020
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Dead Henchmen
02. Action
03. Federales
04. Night Shift
05. Son to Scorpio
06. Chain Smoke
07. Man With the Cobra Cane
08. Hieronymus Funk
09. Robbery
10. Intermission
11. LowLife
12. Where the Crooked Rest
13. Borrowed Time
14. Philistines!
15. Voodoo & Psychotropics
16. The Last Hurrah
17. Goodbye


Melbourne beatmaker Andrew Allister has announced the debut album under his moniker Hieronymus Dros. Titled The Age Of Hieronymus, the album is an instrumental smorgasbord of hip hop, funk, neo-soul and jazz fusion.

Bursting with everything from guitar and sax solos to mystic sitar segments and subtle flute accents, the 17-track album is an aural journey traversing a range of genres and musical influences.

Interweaving analogue synth with lush string sections and funky organ backings, The Age Of Hieronymus is the product of its eclectic global influences spanning multiple decades.

To give you a taste of what he’s got up his sleeve, Hieronymus Dros has dropped the first single from his forthcoming album, titled ‘The Last Hurrah’.

A funkadelic concoction of bass, horns, saxophone, keys, and talk-box, it’s a sonic trip into another dimension.

“When I created it, the saxophonist and guitarist both played the main melody without my direction,” says Allister of the track. “I love everything about this composition, it’s like a motion picture.”

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