Idit Shner – Live at the Jazz Station (2021)

Idit Shner - Live at the Jazz Station (2021)
Artist: Idit Shner
Album: Live at the Jazz Station
Label: OA2 Records
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. Yesterdays (Live) (8:43)
2. Shake It Till You Hear It Sizzle (Live) (7:33)
3. Pascal’s Ballad (Live) (6:01)
4. Mandala (Live) (2:14)
5. Hippo’s Walk (Live) (7:37)
6. Samba in Two (Live) (6:34)
7. Present (Live) (7:28)
8. Artificial Flavors (Live) (5:35)


Idit Shner – alto saxophone
Torrey Newhart – piano/organ
Garrett Baxter – bass
Ken Mastrogiovanni – drums

With her recorded projects ranging from post-bop arrangements of Israeli songs from youth to commissioned new works for classical saxophone, Idit Shner has been a tireless advocate for ‘making things happen’ since receiving her DMA from the University of North Texas 15 years ago. On the faculty of the University of Oregon in Eugene, Idit continues to inspire others while using the city’s central jazz gathering spot, The Jazz Station, to workshop ideas and perform regularly with her quartet. Recorded in June, 2019, Live at the Jazz Station captures the joy and exuberance heard each night there, with a high-energy group of friends exploring a favorite standard or their own compositions. From pianist/organist Torrey Newhart’s hard-swinging, B-3 led “Shake it ‘Til You Hear it Sizzle,” to bassist Garrett Baxter’s haunting ballad, “Present,” or drummer Ken Mastrogiovanni’s loose and swinging closer, “Artificial Flavors,” Shner lights a fire, making the idea of presenting a live album more than just a good idea. “…confident and assured. (Shner’s) bringing a welcome liveliness to post-bop jazz…” – EMUSIC

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