Il Gioco – Il Gioco (2020)

Il Gioco - Il Gioco (2020)
Artist: Il Gioco
Album: Il Gioco
Label: Emme Record Label
Year Of Release: 2020
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Intro a Portual Dance
02. Portual Dance
03. Black Cat
04. Free Fall
05. Serrado
06. Sky Watcher
07. Water Reflection
08. A Bright New Morning
09. Hearing a Whistle


An unpredictable, dynamic project that blends jazz with rock music in a journey that leads to ethnic music with often oriental hues. This is the essence of the “bassless” trio Il Gioco, composed of saxophonist Leonardo Rosselli, guitarist Thomas Lasca and drummer Andrea Elisei with the special participation of Francesco Savoretti in percussion. An original band, with strong distinctive features that on August 5, 2020 publishes the debut album with the same title for the Emme Record Label. This line-up is characterized by an innovative and intriguing sound made up of songs in which an innate melodic sense stands out which is mixed with continuous research; just like in a game where band members experiment with innovative solutions while always remaining at the service of the band. This is thanks to the interplay between three musicians who give great importance to a collective idea and to compositions in general rather than to the inspiration of the single. The bassless nature of this band also makes the project very original, highlighting a saxophone with a strong and powerful timbre, an essential guitar, always at the service of the composition, with a well-calibrated and incisive drums. The trio was born in January from an idea of ​​saxophonist Leonardo Rosselli and guitarist Thomas Lasca with the aim of recording a record that includes the original compositions of the saxophonist and guitarist, arranged together with the drummer.

Among the most original compositions of this record undoubtedly stands out Portual Dance, a song with oriental tints, undoubtedly the most ethnic of the band, which stands out for a sinuous and at the same time powerful saxophone accompanied by a minimal and elegant guitar. An intriguing composition also characterized by the presence of Francesco Savoretti’s percussion, a real added value in this ethnic dance reworked in a jazz key. Freefall, on the other hand, is a more introspective piece, with more markedly melodic features from which the idea of ​​a modern jazz comes out, with a more intimate and refined trend made up of notes suspended in the air. Everything starts quietly with a very direct melody that goes on to make a “free fall” towards rock thanks to an incandescent ending drawn by an increasingly energetic and powerful battery. Serrado represents the perfect example of interplay, with a complex and modern structure that leaves nothing to chance. An experimental and visionary song that perfectly describes the sonic journey that the band makes through these eight original compositions. Water Reflection, on the other hand, upsets the roles with a saxophone often as the basis for a well-calibrated guitar in which an innate melodic sense always stands out. All this before embarking on a journey towards almost psychedelic sounds that precede a return to the original, elegant and expressive theme.

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