Joce Mienniel – The Dreamer (2021)

Joce Mienniel - The Dreamer (2021)
Artist: Joce Mienniel
Album: The Dreamer
Label: Drugstore Malone
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Hopeless, Pt. 1
02. Hopeless, Pt. 2
03. Two Tiny Black Eyes, Pt. 1
04. Two Tiny Black Eyes, Pt. 2
05. Appartement 643, Pt. 1
06. Appartement 643, Pt. 2
07. Appartement 643, Pt. 3
08. Nude Was the Color of My Innocence, Pt. 1
09. Nude Was the Color of My Innocence, Pt. 2
10. Nude was the Color of My Innocence, Pt. 3
11. Money
12. Rare Thing
13. The Garden Becoming a Robe Room


After the black and even, like the paintings of Pierre Soulages, the outrenoir of TILT, the first album of this quartet in which the music revealed an infinite number of details in this color to the point of revealing a greater brightness, THE DREAMER chooses a more polychromatic and more incandescent light this time for this new album.

Inspired by several dreams, each piece, whether sung or instrumental, tells here the dreamlike volutes of a full moon night, or the phantasmagoria of an imaginary love, and passes through the chromatic movements of baroque and progressive music.

This is a real soundtrack of an imaginary film taking us on a journey into the deep blue night.

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