John Pizzarelli – Better Days Ahead (Solo Guitar Takes on Pat Metheny) (2021)

John Pizzarelli - Better Days Ahead (Solo Guitar Takes on Pat Metheny) (2021)
Artist: John Pizzarelli
Album: Better Days Ahead (Solo Guitar Takes on Pat Metheny)
Label: Ghostlight Records
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. Better Days Ahead (3:44)
2. Spring Ain’t Here (4:40)
3. April Wind/Phase Dance (8:17)
4. September Fifteenth (5:18)
5. James (4:20)
6. Antonia (5:52)
7. (It’s Just) Talk (4:50)
8. Letter From Home (2:27)
9. If I Could (5:58)
10. Last Train Home (4:09)
11. From This Place (2:49)
12. The Bat (3:09)
13. Farmer’s Trust (2:16)


Guitarist John Pizzarelli was hit hard by COVID-19; he lost both of his parents – father and legendary guitarist Bucky and beloved mother Ruth – to the virus within one week of each other. As he worked through the immense grief, he turned to his guitar and to the music of another virtuoso on the instrument, Pat Metheny. Better Days Ahead is Pizzarelli’s first album of solo guitar music and features his interpretations of songs from The Pat Metheny Group’s 1978 debut all the way up through 2020’s Grammy-nominated From This Place. Metheny offered his seal of approval: “I have admired John for years as a fantastic musician with an amazing ability to communicate. His love and understanding of classic song forms runs deep, almost as a birthright, thanks to having grown up on the knee of one of the greatest guitarists ever, his dad Bucky. His vast reserve of knowledge into the nuts and bolts of why those Great American Songbook tunes have the musical impact they do continually give his performances an insightful edge that connects him with a deep tradition. His life in music brings authority and insight that is increasingly rare as time moves on. To say it was flattering to have John address these tunes, knowing all the great music he has been around his whole life, is an understatement. It is an incredible honor for me.”

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