Karl Clews – Navigator (2021)

Karl Clews - Navigator (2021)
Artist: Karl Clews
Album: Navigator
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Supernova
02. Milagre
03. Kayoss Endjinn
04. The Far Islands
05. Cherry Blossom
06. Le Zoulou Blanc
07. State of Grace
08. Rainmaker
09. Under the Skin
10. Chromatica
11. Dança Dos Perdidos
12. Navigator
13. The Sunken City
14. This Hollow Earth
15. Kilimanjaro
16. Sirocco
17. Jeopardy
18. Like Tears in Rain


On this second album of original material, Karl continues where his debut ‘Dissident’ left off, venturing ever deeper into the uncharted territories of solo bass and bass-led compositions. This time around, his reach is wider, ranging from the melancholic jazz waltz of ‘Like Tears In Rain’, through the angular proto hip-hop of ‘Chromatica’ to the adrenaline-fuelled jazz-funk of ‘Rainmaker’, and taking us on side trips through Brazil and Africa in world music influenced tracks such as ‘Milagre’ and ‘Le Zoulou Blanc’. And his palette is more varied as, alongside his distinctive Bogart bass tone, we hear him taking out the piccolo bass and a tenor bass, often accompanied by the mercurial soprano saxophone of regular collaborator Bertrand Huvé, even bringing in a full horn section for one song, and with envigorating contributions from Ciaran Storey on guitar and Richie Dittrich on drums.

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