Lewis Wright, Matt Brewer & Marcus Gilmore – The Colour of Intention (2020)

Lewis Wright, Matt Brewer & Marcus Gilmore - The Colour of Intention (2020)
Artist: Lewis Wright, Matt Brewer & Marcus Gilmore
Album: The Colour of Intention
Label: Signum Records
Year Of Release: 2020
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01 – Mettle
02 – Recover
03 – Resolve
04 – Raise for Z
05 – Les Lilas
06 – Brilliant Corners


Lewis Wright (vibraphone)
Matt Brewer (double bass)
Marcus Gilmore (drums)

‘The colour of intention’ refers to the creative process itself: that in order to express yourself honestly in music, you have to generate clear intentions developed from thoughts and emotions which then colour the work rather than explaining every aspect of it. In the moment of performance, the goal then becomes to put all these previous investigations out of mind and exist in the present. The colour of intention is describing everything except performance; the slower processes of development, reflection and refinement and how they’ll seep, often unpredictably, into everything that ends up being realised. Working with Matt (Brewer) and Marcus (Gilmore) adds the last and most engaging dimension. How they interpret the music, interact and bring their own highly developed languages to bare, creates something that’s both a reflection of my intentions and also infinitely more sophisticated than it’s possible for me to conceive of. I think in this sense, human connection is the greatest element of what it is we do as musicians.

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