Massimiliano Milesi – Out of Rags (2021)

Massimiliano Milesi - Out of Rags (2021)
Artist: Massimiliano Milesi
Album: Out of Rags
Label: Ting Pot
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Coup D’oeil
02. Out of Rags
03. Vico
04. Fabulous
05. Illkempt
06. Brano
07. Iceland
08. Beautiful Memories
09. Cronos
10. Love and Love Again


Massimiliano Milesi, tenor sax
Marco Rottoli, double bass
Filippo Sala, drums

Out of Rags is an Italian adjectival phrase, used to define what is distorted; something that is out of the custom or comfort zone.

The project combines a passion for rock, jazz and contemporary compositional techniques. Twelve-tone, minimalism, seriality are filtered by the taste and sense of melodic rock and modern jazz in building a original repertoire. Improvisation is not just solos but plays a key role in making “urban” the music research through unconventional techniques and in bringing seemingly distant musical worlds. The research tries to unravel the paradox of modern music in a new balance of content and forms.

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