MixaFortuna, Marco Ferrazza, Mario Massa – Moira Chant (2021)

Mixa Fortuna - Moira Chant (2021)
Artist: MixaFortuna, Marco Ferrazza, Mario Massa
Album: Moira Chant
Label: SUPRANU Records
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Correcting the Irreparable Error
02. The Ninth Consciousness
03. Namu – Dedicating Own Life
04. Moira Chant
05. Nen – Constant Thought
06. Latent Effect
07. La Solita
08. Coloco – The River Towards the Sea


Moira Chant is an intimate and experimental journey where the voice of the singer and performer Mixa Fortuna, the sound of the trumpeter Mario Massa are mixed together, in 8 avant-garde songs, by the electronic sounds composed by Marco Ferrazza.

A rigorous and poetic album. In the first part the compositions are linked to contemporary languages ​​and therefore to all their impulses. The work aims to represent contemporary human nature. Female singing and voice are intended as a way forward. The trumpets tell of complex conflicts, with moments of light and harmony.

“I tried to play the trumpet consistently, without resembling anyone.” Mario Massa

Mario Massa, composer trumpet player, has made numerous albums playing in various international tours and festivals, has received the approval of the press and the international public (Denovali Records “Cause and Effect”; an album with the father of the industrial movement Z’ev “Ho “; numerous other works). In 2020 Antonio Capuano included one of his compositions in the soundtrack of his new film “Il buco in testa”.

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