Original Mind – You Know When It’s Time (2021)

Original Mind - You Know When It's Time (2021)
Artist: Original Mind
Album: You Know When It’s Time
Label: Mahakala Music
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. Dreamery (8:53)
2. Paraformal (5:46)
3. Visible From Space (2:24)
4. You Know When It’s Time (4:40)
5. Extracelestial Softshoe (4:56)
6. Step Up (5:22)
7. Uncovering (4:29)
8. Blues ‘n Go! (10:58)
9. Lessunlearned (8:20)
10. Polite Inquiry (2:56)
11. Leeway (5:10)
12. Don’t Speak (5:28)


Brad Holden – Saxophones
Dick Studer – Bass
Steve Hirsh – Drums

Original Mind is a collective of experienced improvisers from the Twin Cities of Minnesota. The name refers to a Buddhist concept for the consciousness that underlies the everyday thoughts and narratives that usually dominate our thinking about the world and people around us. Similarly, the music of Original Mind is spontaneous, unplanned, and unbound by any of the rules underlying the various styles and genres of music. The only rules for Original Mind’s music are deep listening and selfless contribution to the conversation of sound and feeling.

While this music falls generally under the rubric of free or avant garde jazz, the music on You Know When It’s Time is approachable for any audience. The music flows in an easily understood manner as the musicians interact in sonic conversation. This approach to the music wasn’t planned or discussed – it’s what happens when these musicians get together.
Bassist Dick Studer has been performing all kinds of music since the late 1960’s. Since the late 1970’s he has concentrated primarily on free, spontaneous and original music. He was awarded Special Recognition by the Minnesota Jazz Music Awards in 1987 as Avant-garde Jazz Bassist.

Drummer Steve Hirsh grew up with the British invasion, Motown and Stax/Volt. At 10 years old, he started guitar lessons at a neighborhood community center. In junior high he played alto sax in band, until he got braces and his orthodontist said a reed instrument would be bad for his overbite. So he switched to the drums, and began a 50+ year love affair and a quest to make music on the drumset.

Saxophonist Brad Holden has been part of the Twin Cities music scene for over 30 years. During that time, Brad has played in a wide variety of musical settings, working mostly in jazz, ranging from the great American Songbook to free improvisation.

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