Panoramic Project – Nature Is Inside (2021)

Panoramic Project - Nature Is Inside (2021)
Artist: Panoramic Project
Album: Nature Is Inside
Label: Pousse-pousse production
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Rebirth
02. Forêts
03. Synchronicity
04. Grandir (Miniature I)
05. Grandir (Miniature II)
06. Grandir (Miniature III)
07. Grandir (Miniature IV)
08. Moon Gardens, Pt. 1
09. Moon Gardens, Pt. 2
10. Moon Gardens, Pt. 3


Heard in particular in the Very Big Experimental Toubifri Orchestra or in the Healing Orchestra of Paul Wacrenier, the trumpeter Léo Jeannet directs a formation of eleven musicians for which he wrote all the compositions. Organized around titles independent of each other, completed by two suites, the ensemble showcases meticulous work with regard to orchestral volumes and the color of the stands. The general dynamics are all the more effective and the soloists gluttonously slip into a succession of parts at varying cadences.

Thus, from a vindictive opening on the too brief “Rebirth” to a haunting “Dancing Suite – Miniature 4” in which the instrumentalist Jeannet fully expresses himself, through a sung intervention by François Vaiana, the different registers expected in a collective are approached in a convincing manner. A narrative approach imbued with evocative images dominates, moreover, the general purpose.

With enough poise to avoid overload and favor a clear line, this overview is, above all, an immersion in a personal and coherent writing. A hint of madness would pleasantly disrupt this arrangement, but the beautiful work and the dedication of the speakers to bring it to life bring this successful adventure to life.

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