Papillon 5tet – Papillon (2021)

Papillon 5tet - Papillon (2021)
Artist: Papillon 5tet
Album: Papillon
Label: Benjamin Faconnier
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Lutter pour créer pour Lutter
02. Introduction
03. La fille du Chef
04. Blues Descartes+
05. Variation (Interlude) [feat. Paco Ndiaye]
06. Chépakwa
07. Titèm lakour (feat. Paco Ndiaye)
08. Groove dat Shit


Papillon 5tet is a band formed by French trumpet player Benjamin Faconnier with four Finnish friends: Jimi Ahlroos (saxophone), Severi Seppänen (guitar), Roni Helminen (bass) and Ilari Kinnunen (drums).

Papillon 5tet is a project that has emerged from a turning point in Faconnier’s life and is the result of a strong need for personal development. This project is meant to be a heterotopia (Foucault, 1967) for musicians who express themselves through it. What would be a more pertinent description than Papillo (‘butterfly’ in French) to embody personal development?

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