Pierluigi Balducci – L’equilibrista (2020)

Pierluigi Balducci - L'equilibrista (2020)
Artist: Pierluigi Balducci
Album: L’equilibrista
Label: Dodicilune
Year Of Release: 2020
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Blackarera
02. Il vizioso
03. L’equilibrista
04. Fino a prova contraria
05. Kosmos and Chaos
06. Monet
07. Wormhole


Produced by Dodicilune, distributed in Italy and abroad by Ird and in the best online stores by Believe Digital, L’equilibrista, the new recording project by Pierluigi Balducci, will be released tomorrow. In the seven original songs, the Apulian composer and bassist is joined by three interesting musicians from the European jazz scene: the Italian-Canadian Robert Bonisolo, tenor sax giant, Fabrizio Savino, Bari guitarist of great artistic sensitivity, and Dario Congedo, Salento drummer with extraordinary talent. “The album is dedicated to the British pianist John Taylor,” underlines Balducci. «A point of reference for me and for many other European musicians, John honored me with his presence in my quartet with Paul McCandless and Michele Rabbia until his death in 2014 and on the Blue from heaven (2012) and Evansiana (2017) records , always out for Dodicilune. His being “always on the wire” inspired, in fact, the title of my new album ».

The equilibrist proposes new compositions, new sound, new energy, in the name of a redesigned balance between the improvised and the written element. The idea, precisely, of balance as something dynamic and tensive, in which creative effort is implicit, balance as a concept that is not at all opaque, flat or normalizing, has always fascinated Balducci: if you choose the path of the unexpected , of the unheard of, of the surprising as the substance of jazz, it is easy to “fall off the thread”, but the risk itself is essential in the game of improvisation.

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