Pol Omedes – Mallorca. Pol Omedes with Strings (2016)

Pol Omedes - Mallorca. Pol Omedes with Strings (2016)
Artist: Pol Omedes
Album: Mallorca. Pol Omedes with Strings
Label: Fresh Sound New Talent
Year Of Release: 2016
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. Fancy Living (5:27)
2. Could Be Pol (4:17)
3. Mallorca (5:45)
4. #1 …Omedisme Il·lustrat (1:47)
5. El Toro (4:21)
6. Mama (1:40)
7. I Wish I Knew (4:02)
8. #2 …Mt’s Atmosphere (1:19)
9. Reina Sofía (4:55)
10. Monk’s Mood (2:48)
11. Papa (5:24)


Mallorca may be the most appropriate word to describe this album. Aside from the natural beauty that this island full of magic places holds, it is also the place where—spiritually speaking—the project Pol Omedes with Strings coalesced.

It also represents the trip I took there with my partner in August 2015; there’s a before and an after to it, to me personally, and because of that to my music as well. It was an inspiring trip that helped me regain my strength and walk onward full of renewed hope.

Mallorca is the honest result of these past few years in my life. It’s a reflection of who I am now, but above all, it’s an album made with love, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

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