Roger Ebacher – Hopefully, Tomorrow… (2021)

Roger Ebacher - Hopefully, Tomorrow... (2021)
Artist: Roger Ebacher
Album: Hopefully, Tomorrow…
Label: Rebach Music
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. At First Glance
02. Dreams of Now
03. Sleepwalking
04. 6 Eastern
05. Afternoon Stars
06. Lunar Impression
07. Day’s End
08. Second Reflection
09. Ice Floes
10. The Next Horizon
11. Hopefully, Tomorrow


Recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, performer, and composer Roger Ebacher brings over 35 years of professional stage and studio experience to his table of musical offerings. Appearing on his own highly reviewed recordings as a consummate flutist including “Flutation Device” & “Backyard Carneval”, with numerous additional guest CD appearances on a variety of instruments, Roger’s roots and branches cover many styles. Jazz, fusion, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, reggae, Latin Jazz, Flamenco, African, and other world musics all come into play with his uniquely original compositions and dynamic live performances. He is also an in-demand percussionist (congas, bongos, dumbek, kalimba, etc.), singer, and keyboardist, and as such is comfortable and highly skilled in a variety of musical settings. Roger has twice been the featured guest artist on Boston’s premier jazz radio program, Eric in the Evening (WGBH-FM, 89.7), and his music has been on the airwaves all over North America, Europe, and as far east as India, Thailand, and Russia. Based in the Boston area, Ebacher is held in high regard for the passion, artistry and professionalism he brings to his recordings and to his live appearances, for which he has access to some of the finest supporting players available from Boston to New York.

Since 2008 Roger’s world music project, THE AIR DEPARTMENT, has dipped deeply into the music of the Middle East, India, and Brazil, mixing it with Ambient, Electronica, Downtempo, and more. With five releases to date available worldwide, this music is a veritable sonic stew for adventurous listeners in today’s evolving musical universe.

Roger’s releases of “With You in a Moment” (2016) and “Blueish Grey” (2014) mark the first recordings in several years which he has released under his own name. And while he has played most of the instruments on his more recent recordings, these outings are something of a tour de force of his talents, as he is heard here on all instruments exclusively on both new recordings.

Since his first release in 1998, multi-instrumentalist and composer Roger Ebacher has earned a reputation as something of a jack of all trades among fans and fellow musicians. But before that, through the first half of a long musical career, he first made his mark and his living as a singer.

Until recently, Ebacher’s recorded output has been a strictly instrumental mix of World Jazz in many styles. On his 2016 release, “With You in a Moment”, Roger’s vocal and lyrical talents were hinted at with “Winter Comes”, that recording’s sole vocal selection. On “Four Songs of Susan”, released for Valentine’s Day 2017, he stepped out once again as a vocalist, singing on all tracks from that gorgeous collection of original love songs.

On “Saudade Summer”, his second release of 2017, Roger’s vocal talents are again the featured highlight. With a voice that is technically strong, deeply soulful, and musically sophisticated, it’s clear from the very first track that this is truly a voice of experience. And as he has proven with his extensive instrumental explorations, his choices as a vocalist are again successfully eclectic and tasteful. On the title cut and on “What the World is Coming To” we still hear the strong influences of the music of Brazil and Cuba. Roger’s affinity for great pop-jazz shines on “A Moment in the Sun”, and the Motown-style backing vocals are the icing on the cake in his sparkling reggae rearrangement of the classic pop hit “Walk on By”. Two additional instrumentals again confirm his skills as a composer and instrumentalist. And now, with “Saudade Summer”, Ebacher continues to re-establish himself as a singer and lyricist, adding another gem to his discography of music for fans of diverse listening styles.

October 12th 2018 marks the release of Roger’s new single, “The Long Goodbye (Parts 1 & 2). As Roger himself puts it, “My discography has grown quite a bit over the last 10 years, but this is the first single I have ever released, and I worked on it long and hard. For many reasons, I hope that everyone I know, and everyone I don’t, will hear it. Intellectually, it’s fairly easy to grasp that passages are a necessary part of the cycle of life. Emotionally, however, these events are often much harder to accept and understand. The Long Goodbye was written with this in mind, and is dedicated to us all…families bonded or broken, lovers and friends near and far, even perfect strangers. We all must at some point come to terms with passages, be they spiritual, emotional, or physical.”

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