Sanskriti Shrestha Avatar – Brijanga (2018)

Sanskriti Shrestha Avatar - Brijanga (2018)
Artist: Sanskriti Shrestha Avatar
Album: Brijanga
Label: Jazzland Recordings
Year Of Release: 2018
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. Avatar 08:37
2. Mysterious Mr. M 06:46
3. Newari 03:41
4. Kula 11:17
5. Vatara 07:09
6. Nasadhya 05:55
7. Sand Sun 05:34
8. Syklus 04:21


Henriette Hvidsten Eilertsen: flute
Hans P. Kjorstad: violin
Magnus Soltvedt Wiik: guitar, banjo and dobro
Erlend Olderskog Albertsen: double bass
Sanskriti Shrestha: tablas, tabla tarang, kantele, percussion
Andreas Wildhagen: drums, percussion

Sanskriti Shrestha Avatar blends Indian and Eastern musical influences with jazz and improvisation music. The result is colourful, powerful, boundless and beautiful.

The music is the sonic dreamscape of tabla player Sanskriti Shrestha. With Nepalese roots and training in Indian and Nepalese traditions, she developed a fascination for Western creative music after spending a number of years based in Oslo. With the addition of her interest in other Asian musical styles, her music represents a unique alloy of creative expression.

Avatar has previously toured in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The concert at Oslo World is a release concert for the band’s debut album.

Sanskriti and her musicians represent a new generation of creative musical explorers who build bridges between the new and old, western and eastern, composed and improvised. The music itself has the potential to change according to the musician’s mood and intentions and also the receptivity and response of the audience. From such circumstances the music can be regarded as an avatar of a shared consciousness that manifests itself sonically.

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