Spaces – Together Alone (2021)

Spaces - Together Alone (2021)
Artist: Spaces
Album: Together Alone
Label: Schöner Hören Music
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Together Alone
02. Contradiction
03. Mellow
04. Forlorn
05. Cosmic Collision
06. Breeze
07. Stillstand
08. Elegy
09. Circles
10. Locked Times, Open Spaces
11. Hysteria
12. Fumbling
13. Steppe
14. Inwardly
15. Distances
16. Sense of Time
17. Frozen Glass
18. Indigo
19. Levitation
20. Lullaby


Up to now it has been more important than anything else in jazz: that the musicians in an ensemble listen to each other and react when they play together … “Spaces”, the quartet around the Hanoverian saxophonist Andreas Burckhardt, has – due to the pandemic, of course – with a whole experimented with another type of communication. Burckhardt and pianist Eike Wulfmeier, Clara Däubler on bass and drummer Willi Hanne had no contact with each other during the recordings, sat in separate rooms, and neither heard nor saw each other. “Alone together”, just like a jazz standard interpreted by Chet Baker by Messrs Schwartz and Dietz, is the title of the extremely astonishing album.

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