Tcha Limberger – Fabrizio Cassol: I Silenti (2021)

Tcha Limberger - Fabrizio Cassol: I Silenti (2021)
Artist: Tcha Limberger
Album: Fabrizio Cassol: I Silenti
Label: Outhere
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. I Silenti, Act I: I. Sfogava Con Le Stelle
02. I Silenti, Act I: II. Me Shunova
03. I Silenti, Act I: III. Luci Luci
04. I Silenti, Act I: IV. Al Lume Delle Stelle
05. I Silenti, Act I: V. Notte
06. I Silenti, Act I: VI. Dolcissimo Uscignolo
07. I Silenti, Act II: I. Jail Song
08. I Silenti, Act II: II. Cantai Un Tempo
09. I Silenti, Act II: III. Lamento Della Ninfa
10. I Silenti, Act III: I. Ah Muse
11. I Silenti, Act III: II. Lasciatemi Morire
12. I Silenti, Act III: III. Incenerite
13. I Silenti, Act III: IV. T’Amo Mia Vita
14. I Silenti, Act III: V. Misero


I Silenti is the poetic expression of those who are silenced, the voiceless, of what has disappeared over time, of the blank pages of unwritten letters. It becomes a catalyst towards other ends: those of comfort, healing, regeneration and beauty. The project is conceived around the Gypsy jazz singer and multiinstrumentalist Tcha Limberger. He embodies a musical and literary nomadism that extends into the geographical and timeless depths of orality. The fact that he has been blind from birth has protected him from the superfluity of appearances, so that he has always remained connected to the essential; from his prodigious voice, the most intense songs emerge; from his violin, the most moving melodies resonate. Beyond his universality, he is naturally at one with his people, the Roma. His sublime gift and his blindness are perhaps not unrelated to the trauma that his people have experienced, the ‘forgotten Holocaust’ that sealed their words with the convention of silence. Echoing this repertory, Monteverdi’s madrigals were the first vocal works to express human emotions with their dramas, passions and joys. The music is rooted in the words and their meaning; from the very heart of these polyphonic pieces, Monteverdi created the opera as a new genre.

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