The Mighty Heard – WORD (Instrumentals & Bubble Bath Remixes) (2021)

The Mighty Heard - WORD (Instrumentals & Bubble Bath Remixes) (2021)
Artist: The Mighty Heard
Album: WORD (Instrumentals & Bubble Bath Remixes)
Label: Growroom Productions
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Butt that Funk (Instrumental)
02. Be Wit U (Instrumental)
03. Karma (Instrumental)
04. How Many Kids (Instrumental)
05. Deep (Instrumental)
06. Got No Time (Instrumental)
07. Do Whatchu Gotta Do (Instrumental)
08. Opportunity (Instrumental)
09. Bad Things (Instrumental)
10. Still High (Instrumental)
11. Y’all Don’t Know (Instrumental)
12. Walk Away (Instrumental)
13. Butt that Funk (Bubble Bath Remix)
14. Be Wit U (Bubble Bath Remix)
15. Karma (Bubble Bath Remix)
16. How Many Kids (Bubble Bath Remix)
17. Deep (Bubble Bath Remix)
18. Still High (Bubble Bath Remix)
19. Walk Away (Bubble Bath Remix)


Terence Tomlin – Vocals
Abdullah Thompson – Vocals
Kyle Unnewehr – Guitars and Keys
Zac Conway – Bass
Lee Durham – Drums
Gerard Bingham – Percussion
Danny Davis – Trumpet
Chris Wolf – Trombone
Mike Feagans – Alto & Baritone Sax
Ricky Alexander – Tenor Sax
Lauren Schreiber – Vocals
Reggie Barnes – Keyboards

The Mighty Heard was a powerhouse of a band that included two lead vocalists and (up to) three backup vocalists out front of the unstoppable rhythm and soul of drums, percussion, three horns, guitar and bass. The songs on ‘WORD’ not only have a message lyrically, but also tell a story through the instrumentals. We examine those shining musical moments with the release of ‘WORD [Instrumentals & Bubble Bath Remixes]’.

The instrumentals of the raw funk burners such as ‘Y’all Don’t Know,’ ‘Butt that Funk’ and ‘Do Whatchu Gotta Do’ sound like a throwback to ‘Pass the Peas’ era JB’s while the smoother tracks such as ‘Walk Away,’ ‘Still High’ or ‘Deep’ glide along, allowing the listener to feel the sensuality without needing to hear any of the lyrics.

The ‘Bubble Bath Remixes’ are just that, renditions of the songs to accompany a long soak. These are the “grown and sexy” versions, achieved by merely stripping the drums and vocals out and letting the space between the remaining instruments do the work. Now it’s not as simple as that sounds. Reverbs and levels have been tweaked and only the freshest licks remain. The ‘Bubble Bath Remixes’ let many of the layers on ‘WORD’ come to light with the use of Rhodes keys, vibraphone and hand percussion now taking center stage.

Enjoy this companion piece to the full length ‘WORD’ album and hear the artistry of The Mighty Heard in full color.

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