Tolga Tüzün – It’s About Time (2020)

Tolga Tüzün - It's About Time (2020)
Artist: Tolga Tüzün
Album: It’s About Time
Label: Bilgi Music Label
Year Of Release: 2020
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. The Pain They Left Behind
02. Existo
03. Dialogue At Monastraki
04. And They Fell One By One
05. Under Pressure
06. 5 Preludes For Solo Cello I
07. 5 Preludes For Solo Cello II
08. 5 Preludes For Solo Cello III
09. 5 Preludes For Solo Cello IV
10. 5 Preludes For Solo Cello V
11. It Was About Time Now It Is Not Anymore
12. Cross-Sections 1 – Blueprint For Ilhan Mimaroglu


“It’s time to release another album,” says contemporary music composer Tolga Tuzun. His previous work, “Periphery”, published his compositions of solo instruments and electronic sounds in 2009. After 11 years, he brought his solo and chamber music compositions together under the name of “It’s About Time”.

A sharp observation of our criticism time, which he noted when publishing the album; “I wanted to show that I continue to work and create in this neo-liberal environment that absorbs the depth and joy of most things and replaces them with shallowness and meaninglessness,” says Tuzun. “As a result, most of the art we see in the environment is cosmetic-cursory works, I work hard not to be one of them,” he concludes.

“It’s About Time”, which gave the album its name, is a composition written by Tüzün in 2015. The unfortunate adventure of the composition has developed a new process. The computer malfunction that occurred after recording the track with the Oerknal Ensemble last year has made some of the recording unusable. The harmonic frame of the track has been changed on the idea of ​​how the part that can be used while giving up using the full recording has been changed and the work that gave the album its name.

The relationship between the audience and the composer is also the area in which Tuzun is interested. The compositions are, after all, voices and these voices flow in the moment they are listened to. He is born, calls and disappears as soon as he is executed. From this point of view, the time the listener devotes to composing is very valuable. Despite the developing technology, there is no formula to listen to music in a shorter time than it is, so this ‘time’ period is valuable for composers. If the composer keeps his audience listening and keeps his attention alive, the listener continues to listen, which puts the composer under responsibility and increases hope. “I know that my music is not listener friendly,” says Tolga Tuzun ‘but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be friends. After all, you don’t have to love everything your friends say … ”

In the album “It’s About Time”, there are a total of 8 works with a solo cello recording consisting of five preludes. The album opens with the 12-minute song “The Pain They Left Behind”. The recording of Oerknal Ensemble and Tolga Tüzün under the direction of Gregory Charette is followed by “Existo” performed by contrabassist Nicholas Crosse and Tolga Tüzün together. The third work of the album is “Dialogue at Monastraki” Tüzün’s recording of ARTefacts Ensemble and Ventus Ensemble under the direction of Greek conductor Stathis Soulis. The fourth work of the album “It’s About Time” is named as “And They Fell One by One” as the solo guitar performance of guitarist William Anderson and asks the question of who falls one by one to the audience. The next “Under Pressure” is a performance recorded by the winding duo Duo X. Eric-Maria Couturier is the artist of the solo cello performance consisting of five preludes. The album ends with the Oerknal Ensemble recording “It Was About Time Now it is Not Anymore” directed by Gregory Charette and “Blueprint for Ilhan Mimaroglu” with the album Tüzün recorded with Laura Carmichael for İlhan Mimaroğlu.

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